Small → Large Projects

J&K has completed earthwork projects of all sizes including subdivisions, landfills, and golf courses. Earthwork has been a specialty of ours from the beginning, hence the name J&K Earthworks. We can scale our operations to fit our customers' needs, quickly and efficiently.

Site Preparation

We pride ourselves on our ability to accomplish a complete site preparation for other general contractors. We provide a complete service starting with breaking ground and ending with building occupancy. We strive to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.

Utility Installation

We provide quality utility installation on projects of any scale. We have the capability to complete utility projects ranging in size from a single service hook up to entirely new utility systems. We have years of experience installing water, sewer, storm, and dry utility installation.

Specialties & Expertise

From project start to finish, J&K Earthworks takes pride in its ability to provide a wide range of construction services. We are a one stop contractor whose area of expertise includes:

  • Clearing and grubbing
  • Mass excavation and grading
  • Placement and fine grading of aggregates for hard surfacing
  • Construction of retaining walls and rockeries
  • Import / export of materials
  • Complete water systems and connections
  • Licensed Fire line installer
  • Sewer installation and connections
  • Septic systems including large community systems
  • Storm sewer and storm detention systems
  • Storm water infiltration systems
  • Dry utility installation
  • Licensed Electrical Contractor


We have completed numerous projects of all sizes since 1982. Check out descriptions of our work to learn more about what we do.



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